I am very lucky to be surrounded by creative people, they all have an influence on my artistic direction and so deserve to be mentioned here.
Here is a collection of links to my tallented friends and family. Just click on the pictures to visit any of the websites.


John Dawson Read is my Dad. He is a singer songwriter and has a collection of albums to his name. His lyrics have been an inspiration throughout my life and his music has an enduring fan base many of whom have followed him since his hits in the 1970's.


Hoopy Frood is a collection of extremely tallented musicians who happen to be great friends of mine. The line up includes my brother Christopher James Dawson Read on guitar, mandolin and cajon. Their music is an eclectic mix of chilled & dance vibes designed to make you feel Hoopy!


Steve, ridiculously good at everything! He is a founder member of Hoopy Frood and an extraordinary guitarist. He started photography as a hobby and became instantly brilliant - take a look you will be amazed.




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